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Paramters of Hot Plate Welding

Paramters of Hot Plate Welding

The Key Parameters of Hot Plate Welding?

1. Melting Temperature: the temperature of hot platen to melt thermoplastic, which is depends on material. The temperature also effects the time spent in melting, the temperature is higher, the melding time is shorter, ignoring the characteristic of thermoplastic material.

2. Melting Time: the time spent in melting material by hot platen, which depends on thermoplastic material and affected by melting temperature.

3. Melting Pressure: The pressure forced to plastic parts during hot platen melting;

4. Melting Depth: the volume of molten material by hot platen, means the moving distance since hot platen contact plastic parts to moving stop, which affects welding strength deeply and melting follow. It depends on the welding quality requirements, materials and parts designs, etc.

5. Fusing Time: The time spent in keep plastic parts together for fusing, which depends on material mostly and melting volume. It affects welding performance and production capacity critically.

6. Fusing Pressure: The pressure forced to plastic parts to keep them from lose during plastic fusing. It mostly depends on material, variation, stress of plastic parts. I affects welding strength deeply.

7. Fusing Depth: The jigs moving distance since the plastic halves contact each other to the jigs moving stop. It affects welding strength, welding air-tightness and welding flash much.

The control of hot plate welding process:

1. Temperature: It normally by a cycle system consist of heaters, power supply to heaters, thermocouples, themperature adjustment system (temperature controllers or PLC Temperature module+HMI).

2. Time: Normally controlled by HMI+PLC;

3. Depth: It can be controlled by mechanical stoppers or by Servo system (set on HMI)

4. Action Speed: it is controlled by follow controller if machine is controlled by pneumatic system or hydraulic system, while it is by servo controlled and set on HMI by servo system;

5. Pressure: by pressure regulators if machine controlled by pneumatic system or hydraulic system.