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6 Axis Robot Process Machine

6 Axis Robot Process Machine

Robotic Ultrasonic Weakening Station for Automotive IP
  • Robotic Ultrasonic Machine

Robotic Ultrasonic Weakening Station for Automotive IP


MSZ-RB1450 Series is standardized robotic working station which can be applied for different application. Machine applies 6-axels robot from ABB to control working action. Machine applies MP Sonic 35KHz ultrasonic system to realize IP weakening by ultrasonic cutting principle

Through change-over ultrasonic horn and base fixtures, machine can be applied for ultrasonic welding also by programmable action.

Machine can be applied for automotive industrial production, such as the assembly of dashboard, bumper, door trial panel, spoiler, etc.

Machine space is designed considering the transport by container, transport is easy.


I. Features:

1. Programmable action for multiple application;

2. MP Sonic features ultrasonic system with advanced control;

3. Mex system designed for remote operation, control, supervision and service;

4. Vacuum is designed for base fixture action;

5. Multiple pneumatic solenoid valves for base jig fixtures action;

6. MP Sonic intelligent operation system for multiple function in operation.


II. Main Technical Parameters:

1. Power source: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.6Mpa;

3. Machine Measurement: L2280*D3014*H2225 (mm);

4. Ration Power: 4.5KW.