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Advantages & Disadvantages of Hot Plate Welding

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hot Plate Welding

The Advantages of Hot Plate Welding?

1. Good plastic joining ability: hot plate welding is applied for the thermoplastic joining in challenging requirement as big welding size, complex geometric shape design;

2. Welding is strong and airtight.

3. Can be applied to the most range of plastic material;

4. Can be applied to realize joining between two different material, especially good for weld two kinds of machine in big difference in melting temperature;

5. Original thermoplastic joining procedure, welding process is easy to control, weld performance is stable;

6. Lower equipment cost and equipment maintenance cost;

7. Can easily realize others extra advanced function for welding management and supervision.

The Disadvantages of Hot Plate Welding?

1. High power consumption;

2. Long cycle time in welding, normally is 30~50S per cycle;

3. Not good welding result to some material, such as nylon, because of carbonization to material by contacting heading combustion, which cases weak welding more over none welding;

4. Welding strength is not enough between some different material;

5. Easy case melting residue sicking on hot platen;

6. Smoke generated during hot plate welding which cases pollution;

7. Requests high cost & technology in accurate & precision control.

1. Stress cased by hot plate welding: eliminate stress by high temperature after hot platen welding;

2. Uneven welding: Machine of tooling adjustment;

3. Flashing of material: plastic parts joining design;

4. Over welding: adjust hot plate welding equipment;

5. Weak welding: Change material; adjust hot plate welding equipment; improve parts design;

6. Sticking tooling: check above.

7. Smoke generated during hot platen welding: check above.