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Vibration welding Machine

Vibration welding Machine

55KG Vibration Welders MSV-715LS

55KG Vibration Welders MSV-715LS


MSV-715LS is a vibration plastic welder in a medium specification which can be applied for plastic welding in the most measurement. MSV-715LS linear vibration welder can be applied for weld automotive Instrument panel, tail lamp, toil lid, etc. The upper jig weight is up to 55KG, and the vibration amplitude can reach 1.8mm. For clear vibration thermoplastic joining, it can add infrared system for pre-heating as a optional feature. Machine applies servo hydraulic to control forcing pressure during vibration welding, linear sensor is applied to inspect and control vibration welding depth. Welding process steps control is available for perfect welding result.
MP-SONIC vibration plastic welding machine applies critical parts and material from Europe, USA, Japan or Korea basing on condition, to ensure its perfect vibration plastic welding performance and stability in running, while MP-SONIC manufactures & assembles the complete machine in China to reduce machine cost which is under strict control to ensure machine quality.
MP-SONIC provide free plastic jointing design guide and analysis.

I. Features:
1. Auto-tuning the frequency after jig loading;
2. Welding process steps control to meeting different high thermoplastic vibration joining requirement;
3. Operation mode can be time mode or depth mode;
4. 80 sets of welding parameter storage;
5. Welding quality judgment help quality management;
6. Internet connection function is available;

7. Printing function is designed;

8. I-cloud remote service system for fast service action in low cost. 

II. Optional Features:
1. Infrared pre-heating system.

III. Specification:



VibratIon Head

Weight upper tool

55 Kg

Welding area(approx. / for PP)


Amplitude(peak to peak)

0.51.8  mm


210280 Hz

Spring Quantity


Magnetic Quantity



Machine Size : Width






Front Door Opening : Width

1500 mm


745 mm

Drive Platen/upper : Width

1040 mm



Lift Table Size : Width

1400 mm


600 mm

Table stroke/Max.

500 mm

Max. distance between lift table

735 mm

Vibration  head

Table speed

 250 mm/s

Clamp force

18.5 KN


 ≒5500 kg

Sound pressure level



Power consumption

47 KVA

Maximum Power/Out Put

30 Kw

IV. Operation Video