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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Metal Wire Harness Ultrasonic Welder

Metal Wire Harness Ultrasonic Welder


MPS-JS3200S is a ultrasonic welding machine designed and made by CNZHENBO, MP Sonic.China, for the splicing of electrical cable. Machine applies MP Sonic 20KHz ultrasonic metal welding system in 3200W to realize the harness welding. The ultrasonic power output is strong, which can be applied for cable max to 80mm2.

Machine is designed in precision control, depth control mode is available as an optional feature.


I. Feature:

1) Strong ultrasonic power output, can be applied for the splicing of metal wire max to 80mm2;

2) Precision control with accurate depth adjustment;

3) Ultrasonic system is designed with amplitude control, multiple self protection system, different mode control system, welding steps control, etc, fit for different and complex welding condition;


II. Benefit:

1. Intelligent ultrasonic system control;

2. MP Sonic Korea standard Anti-resonance system design ensure high power output under loading;

3. Machine precision design;

4. Stable machine fabricated;

5. Small size takes up small space;

6. Excellent performance for metal cable welding.

III. Specification:

1) Power Source: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/60Hz;

2) Pneumatic Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;

3) Ultrasonic System: 20KHz, 3200W;

4) Dimension: 568*190*185 (mm).