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Hot Plate Welders

Hot Plate Welders

Servo Hot Plate Welder MSH-6550S

Servo Hot Plate Welder MSH-6550S


Hot plate welding is a kinds of thermal plastic welding technique capable of high welding strength and perfect air-tightness plastic joining. It is mostly applied for challenge welding plastic joining in large size and complex geometric design.During hot platen plastic welding, two plastic halves are held by jigs and move to be molten by heating by hot platen, after which the two plastic halves become re-solidified to achieve joining under high pressure.
MSH-6550s is a hot plate welding machine applying servo motor systems to control action in precision, which can weld plastic in square max to 652*400 (mm). With servo control system, machine achieves hot platen welding process in steps in precision, which is a choice for low temperature hot plate welding.
MSH-6550S is mostly applied to weld thermoplastic parts in large size, eg in automotive industry: tail lamp, washer tanks, glove box lid, etc.

I. Main Features:
Servo control system in high precision;
Fast action speed, especially good for low temperature hot platen welding;
Achieves action speed process control (speed-steps-control);
Hot platen melting temperature controlled by PID, welding temperature is controlled in stability and high precision;
Heater error ID is detected and indicated on HMI for easy fault-shooting;
Welding parameters storage is available to manage hot p late welding process;
Alarm message/fault history is recorded for hot plate welding quality management;
Optical fence at front and safety door at sides and rear is designed for security;
Vacuum generator and pneumatic clip system is design to hold plastic parts during hot plate welding;
Ejection function by pneumatic system is designed helping remove welded parts from jigs;
Parts detection function is available to avoid operation without parts loading;

Quick tooling change-over for easy tooling change over (manual type).

II. Specification


Power Supply:380V 50HZ


Machine Control:HMI

Upper Jig Plate:660*420mm

Hot Mould Plate:660*400mm

Max Power:20KW

Max Welding Area:652*400mm

Control Voltage:DC24V

Optical Fence Protect Hight:440mm

Temp Zone: 4+4

Upper Jig Move Distance:350mm

Sensor Detection Distance:38mm

Lower Jig Move Distance:300mm

Working Condition

Hot Platen Move Distance:450mm

Air Supply:0.5--0.7Mpa

Air Supply Pipe:Ф12

Max humidity:≤80%RH

Optional:Auto Jig Loading System
SPC   UPS   Vacuum Pump

Room Temp:-10--60℃