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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Handheld Ultrasonic Welder
  • Portable Ultrasonic Welder
  • Portable Ultrasonic Welder

Handheld Ultrasonic Welder


MSP-G Series ultrasonic welder is a portable ultrasonic plastic welding machine designed in a lightweight for easy shifting, taking up small space. The machine applies IGBT ultrasonic system in 35KHz 1200W, or 40KHz 1000W with adjustable amplitude for different requirement. An ultrasonic handgun can be applied for ultrasonic spot welding, ultrasonic plastic stacking / riveting and ultrasonic cutting. It provides L-type and I-type welding head handle for different operation requirement and habit.
MSP-G Series ultrasonic welder Ultrasonic handgun system mostly applied for assembly production of dashboard, inner door panel, engine cover, soundproof welding of automotive, etc.

I. Main Features
1. Korean IGBT ultrasonic system in anti-resonance design, stable, even and smooth ultrasonic energy output;
2. Automatic frequency tuning, frequency in time auto checking;
3. Amplitude adjustment: 0~100% in high accuracy;
4. Energy mode and time mode for welding operation for different welding requirement;
5. Portable for two transducers;
6. Welding steps control is available meeting different thermoplastic material welding requirement;
7. Input over voltage detection for self-protection;
8. Over-high horn impedance detection for system self-protection;
9. Air cooling system is designed in case of need.


II. Specification:

1. Power Source220VAC1P5060Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.2~0.5MPa (for air blower);

3. Ultrasonic System:

  A. 35KHz-1200W;

B. 40KHz-1000W.

 II. MP Sonic Handheld Ultrasonic Welder Mode Code Identification:

Portable Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Please contact us for detail or others special designed system specification.