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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welder MPS-2040F

Ultrasonic Welder MPS-2040F


MSP-T Series Ultrasonic welder is pressure force dynamic trigger designed plastic welding machine designed by MP Sonic Korea specially for ultrasonic in high requirement in precision and welding performance. Machine is designed wit time mode, energy mode, force trigger dynamic mode for different welding requirement. The height of machine head is controlled by motor in easy and precision operation. Machine heads action is guide by linear way ensuing high repeat action precision.
Machine applies IGBT ultrasonic system from MP-SONIC Korea in frequency of 15KHz, 20KHz, 35KHz & 40Khz. Machine power output can be from 1000W to 5600W basing on machine frequency range. Ultrasonic power output by system is strong, smooth and stable. The system achieves resonance tuning in automatic, overloading protection function equips system. Ultrasonic amplitude output by generator is adjustable from 0~100%.
Machine is designed with force trigger dynamic system for welding operation with micro depth adjusting mechanism in high precision, ensuring the consistency of ultrasonic energy to parts, by which can increase the welding performance and the qualification ratio.

I. Features
1. MP-SONIC ultrasonic system in auto tuning from Korea is applied, system is anti-resonance design, ultrasonic output is strong in stability;
2. Machine is designed with time mode, energy mode, & Force trigger dynamic mode to meet different requirement of welding operation;
3. Ultrasonic oscillation steps control to meet welding requirement for special material or products design;
4. Ultrasonic output amplitude adjustable in 0~100% in accuracy control;
5. Welding head height is adjustable by motor and guide by linear way for easy and precision action;
6. Welding is forced by imported cylinder high quality, welding action is guided by high precision linear guide way, ensuring machine duration and stability.

II. Specification:

1. Power Source220VAC1P5060Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;

3. Ultrasonic System:

  A. 15KHz-3200W, 4200W, 5600W;

  B. 20KHz-2600W, 3200W, 4000W;

  C. 35KHz-1200W;

D. 40KHz-1000W.

Please contact us for detail or others special designed system specification.