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Hot Plate Welders

Hot Plate Welders

PneumaticHot Plate Welder MSH-5030

PneumaticHot Plate Welder MSH-5030


MSH-5030 is a pneumatic hot plate welding machine in small specification designed and manufactured by MP-SONIC. Machine applied pneumatic cylinders to control the action of the upper jig, lower jig and hot platen.
MP-SONIC designs hot plate welder applying parts from Europe, Japan and Taiwan, while related mechanical parts are machined in high precision and processed in multiple complex procedures to ensure its precision, duration, ensuring machine duration and precision.
Machine controls temperature in PID by temperature controllers or temperature modules. Through changing temperature control system, MSH-5030 can be applied for infrared plastic welding.
HSH-5030 is designed with hot plate welding area as 300*260(mm), which can be applied to weld thermal parts in the most specification.

Main Features:
1. Hot plate melting temperature is PID controlled in accuracy and stability;
2. Welding parameters storage for different plastic parts' hot plate welding production;
3. Hot plate welding history memory;
4. HMI set machine;
5. Optical fence safety protection;
6. Vacuum, clip and ejectors function is equipped with the machine to meet different requirement;
7. Part loading detection to avoid operation without plastic parts loading;
8. Alarm system safety.

Machine specification


Power Supply:380V 50HZ


Machine Control:HMI

Upper Jig Plate:450*300mm

Hot Mould Plate:340*260mm

Max Power:10KW

Max Welding Area:300*260mm

Control Voltage:DC24V

Optical Fence Protect High:440mm

Air Tank:10L

Upper Jig Move Distance:250mm

Sensor Detection Distance:3--8mm

Lower Jig Move Distance:250mm

Working Condition

Hot Platen Move Distance:300mm

Air Supply:0.5--0.7Mpa

Air Supply Pipe:Ф12

Max humidity:≤80%RH

Optional:Temp Control Module

Optical Fence        Air Gun

Room Temp:-10--60℃