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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welder with Soundproof Shell

Ultrasonic Welder with Soundproof Shell


ZB-101542-P is a ultrasonic plastic welding machine designed with soundproof Shell to insulate ultrasonic noise. Machine applies 15KHz 4200W ultrasonic system made by MP Sonic to realize ultrasonic welding in high power output.

Machine designed soundproof door to keep from noises pollution. Automatic door and optical fence at operation window is designed to protect operator safety.

Machine is designed for plastic jointing in big measurement, such as the instrument shell of motorbike, stop lamp or reflector of automotive, etc.


I. Features:

1. All common features of MP Sonic Standard Machine (Reference);

2. Floor Table Designed machine with feet-while and anti-oscillation feet pads in sturdy fabrication;

3. Soundproof door to keep from noise pollution;

4. Automatic transparent door controlled by pneumatic cylinder and optical fence is equipped at operation window to protect operator safety;

5. Motor controlled machine head height adjustment mechanism in easy operation;

6. Dovetail structure guided machine head adjustment ensure machine stability in high precision;

7. Intelligent ultrasonic control system with excellent performance.


II. Specification:

1. Power Source: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;

3. Dimension: 950*850*2000(mm);

4. Ultrasonic System: 15KHz, 4200W.