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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welder MSP-E-Series
  • IGBT Ultrasonic Generator
  • Ultrasonic Welder

Ultrasonic Welder MSP-E-Series


MSP-E Series ultrasonic welder is an economical type designed ultrasonic welding machine. Machine action is forced by pneumatic cylinder meet requirement in precision and welding performance. Machine is designed wit time mode, energy mode, for different welding requirement.
Machine applies IGBT ultrasonic system from MP-SONIC Chinese Standard in 15/20KHz, 2000~2600W for ultrasonic plastic welding. Ultrasonic power output by system is strong, smooth and stable 2000W. The system achieves resonance tuning in automatic, overloading protection function equips system. Ultrasonic amplitude output by generator is adjustable from 10~100%.

I. Features:
1. MP-SONIC ultrasonic system in auto tuning from China is applied, system output is strong in stability;
2. Machine is designed with time mode, energy mode to meet different requirement of welding operation;
3. Ultrasonic oscillation steps control to meet welding requirement for special material or products design;
4. Ultrasonic output amplitude adjustable in 10~100% in accuracy control by 1%;
5. Welding head height is adjustable guided by strong dovetail slot type linear way for easy in precision action;
6. Welding is forced by imported cylinder high quality, welding action is guided by high precision linear rods, ensuring machine duration and stability;
7. System is designed with memory for welding history;
8. Welding quality judgement function is available for assist to QM;
9. Enhanced strength machine table design ensures stable mechanical performance.

II. Benegit: 

1. Economical machine cost and maintenance cost;

2. Intelligent ultrasonic system design;

3. Stable performance and long duration;

4. Easy operation.

III. Specoification:

Mode MPS-1526 MPS-2020
Input Voltage 220V 220V
Aire Source(MPa) 0.5MPa 0.5MPa
M/CDimension(mm) 650*500*1300 650*500*1300
Generator Size (mm) 480*300*150 480*300*150
Weight 95KG 90KG
Frequency 15K 20K
Resonence Automatic
Tunning Frequency Width X +-200Hz
Peak Ultrasonic Power 3000 2500W
Amplitue(Settable) 0~70um 0~70um
Amplitude Adjustment 10-100% 10-100%
Welding Judge OK/Not OK
Welding Data Memory >100PCs
Communication 485
Welding Result Analysis Yes Yes
Welding Paramter Storage Yes Yes
Language Chinese/Engilsh
Time Mode Yes Yes
Energy Mode Yes Yes
Trigger Force Yes Yes