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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welder  ZB-E1542

Ultrasonic Welder ZB-E1542


ZB-E1542 is an ultrasonic welder in economical series in high power output. Machine applies IGBT ultrasonic system in 15KHz 4200W with positive resonance design. Machine applies pneumatic cylinder to force ultrasonic welding action. Machine welding control mode including time mode, energy mode and external trigger mode. During welding, it can control welding process in two steps with set amplitude for each steps.

Machine applies motor to adjust machine head height. Strong square column and dovetail guide way are applied to ensure machine high precision in stability.

Ultrasonic welding machine ZB-E1542 can be applied to joint parts in big geometric size with normal requirement in operation control.


I. Main Features:

1. Ultrasonic system in high power output is applied, system output is strong in stability;
2. Machine controls ultrasonic welding with time mode, energy mode to meet different requirement of welding operation;
3. Ultrasonic oscillation control in two steps to meet welding requirement for special material or products design;
4. Ultrasonic output amplitude adjustable in 10~100% in accuracy control by 1%;
5. Multiple safety protection to ensure machine safety, including over voltage protection, overload protection, intelligent threshold protection etc;

6. Ultrasonic system in time frequency searching, horn impedance analysis and sonic compensation function ensure system work in stability in long application time;
7. System is designed with memory for welding history
8. Welding quality judgement function is available for assist to QM
9. Machine head height is adjusted with motor by two buttons in easy operation, height adjustment is easy and smooth.


II. Main Benefit:

1. Economical machine cost and maintenance cost;

2. Intelligent ultrasonic system design;

3. Stable performance and long duration;

4. Easy operation.


III. Main Parameters:

1. Electric Source: 220V, AC, 1P, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;

3. Ultrasonic Specification: 15KHz 4200W;

4. Overall Dimension: 850*800*2000.

5. Weight: about 150KG.