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Spin Welder

Spin Welder

Spin Welder for Washer Balancer

Spin Welder for Washer Balancer


II-2 Working principle
In terms of physics, the welding of thermoplastic plastic products is a process of energy conversion. During the process of high-speed rotation, the motor drives the workpiece to rotate at a high speed, and the electric cylinder raises the lower fixture. When it touches the product to be welded, it instantly converts the strong mechanical energy into heat energy, causing the plastic molecules to rapidly generate heat and then pressure welding. (Time is adjustable). At this time, the joint surface of the workpiece is melted and solidified, and the lower fixture is lowered to the original position to complete the welding.

II-3Machine Introduction
This equipment uses a servo motor to drive the rotating system, and the servo electric cylinder drives the worktable to move up and down. The spindle torque and welding depth are adjustable. It can be welded with or without salt water.
The spindle speed is 0-300 rpm.
The moving speed of the worktable is 0-165mm/s.
Adjustment of the amount of brine injection.
This equipment can minimize the scrap rate of workpiece processing during processing. Except for manual unloading, other processes are carried out automatically. The accuracy of the servo system, the continuous movement of the cylinder, simple operation and stable performance, can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the quality of the product。

II-4 Component Function
1. Servo welding system and servo lifting system
2. Pneumatic salt water injection system

II-5 Machine Performance
With good work efficiency, each station can be operated separately at the same time;
The welding of this machine has the characteristics of high strength and good performance;
Adopt automatic control technology to make welding operation easy and simple;
No pollution, no waste, more environmentally friendly

III Machine Structure
The frame is a steel frame structure, welded with domestic high-quality A3 square tube profiles, and the surface is polished, acid pickled, and painted; the steel or aluminum plate of the transmission part is processed by CNC (CNC) to ensure accuracy, and the surface is chemically plated or oxidized Treatment: After the door panel is processed and shaped by a CNC bending machine and a punching machine, the surface is polished, acid pickled, and spray-painted. The whole machine has a strong three-dimensional feeling, beautiful and durable.

IV Operation Process
1. Make sure that the factory power supply (380V) is turned on;
2. Switch the power switch of the equipment to the on position, and wait for 20 seconds (each system of the equipment enters the running state);
3. Switch the manual/automatic switch to automatic,
4. Put the semi-finished products into the upper and lower fixtures respectively
5. Close the safety door and press the start button with both hands
6. The equipment automatically completes salt water injection and welding

7. Open the safety door and take out the welded product