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Servo Heat Stacking Machine

Servo Heat Stacking Machine


MP Sonic Inserting Machine is designed for inserting metal nut, screw, thread, etc into plastic parts through thermal heating. Machine designs X-Y-Z axles with programmable operation system to insert at different points. X-Y-Z axle is controlled by three separate servo system, the inserting is forced by pneumatic cylinder. Automatic feed-in system is applies to feed-in metal parts with oscillation pad.

Machine is mostly applied for automotive industry, house held industry and electronics industry.

The oscillation system and inserting tip should be designed basing on metal parts specification, machine table design can be commonly applied in limit specification.


I. Features

1. Servo motor controlled in fast and high precision;

2. Inserting temperature PID controlled;

3. Pendent handheld controller is applied for adjusting and positioning inserting location in accuracy;

4. Operation is programmable to optimize sequence on condition.


II. Basic Technical Parameters

1. Power Source: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.5MPa;

3. Power Consumption: about 2500W.

IV. Video