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Multi-heads Ultrsonic Welding Machine

Multi-heads Ultrsonic Welding Machine


MP-SONIC designs and makes multi-heads ultrasonic machines for spot welding, riveting, ultrasonic punching, etc. The specification of ultrasonic applied will be basing on requirement and plastic parts specification

Multi-heads ultrasonic equipment mostly applied in automotive industry for the assembly instrument panel, door trim, fender, console, etc. 

This kinds of machine is specially designed basing on customer requirement and parts design. Normally, the ultrasoinic system can be 15KHz~35KHz, ultrasonic power can be 800~6000W. Multiple stations design is avaible, and the sliding between stations normally controlled by pneumatic cylinders if two stations design or by servo motor system if two or more than two stations design.

I. The General Advantages of MP Sonic Designed Multi-heads Ultrasonic Welding Machine

1) Standard ultrasonic modules design to ensure its stability;

2) Adjustment inX-Y-Z directionand angle adjustment is available to fit for parts deformation;

3) Casted top plates are applied to ensure machine stability in precision for long duration.

4) High precision control;

5) Advanced ultrasonic system applied for stable and perfect process result;

6) Intelligent management of pumper punching & welding process;

7) I-Cloud remote service system applied for quick service in lower cost;

8) Stable machine fabricated for long time duration;

9) Multiple safety protection system for human and machine safety;

10) Sensor detection to ensure pumper and brackets loaded in right position.